Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cookie Monster - A Hoodie Away From Joining The Trayvon Martin Protestor Mob 
Russell Moore, the Southern Baptist Convention’s apologizer in chief, says white taxpayers are “missing the point” regarding the “Justice for Trayvon” mob.  I don’t know that the Justice for Trayvon mob is actually articulating a point at all, but I’m willing to try to distill the point.  Lord knows, I’d hate to miss a point being made by a mob wearing hoodies.

When I look at a mob of low information voters wearing hoodies and repetitively chanting nonsense, I am reminded of Justice Rehnquist’s dissent in Texas v. Johnson.  My impression of the Justice for Trayvon gatherings is that they articulate “no essential part of any exposition of ideas” but rather are merely “the equivalent of an inarticulate grunt or roar”.

But Russell Moore insists I am missing the point.  So, if I were to distill a point from the Justice for Trayvon mob, the point I get is: “Me Want Cookie!”

It strikes me that the Cookie Monster is more articulate, and certainly more to the point, than any Justice for Trayvon mob or race huckster.  It also occurs to me that both the Cookie Monster and the mob want the same thing: to take something that does not belong to them, which they did not earn, and consume it.

 “Me Want Cookie” is a master work in simple, direct, and honest communication of a desire.  The Cookie Monster is willing to satiate this desire by executing a “smash and grab” theft of something he neither purchased nor created.  The Cookie Monster needs no more justification for this action other than his own desire – that he wants the cookie is excuse enough. 

 It also occurs to me that, like the Justice for Trayvon mob, the Cookie Monster wishes for his very existence to be subsidized by taxpayers, but I digress.

If you dressed the Cookie Monster in a hoodie, put a cookie on a covered plate and placed it before the Cookie Monster, I am certain Cookie Monster would say “No Justice, No Peace”, smash the covered plate, and eat the cookie. 

So what point am I to distill from Cookie Monster and the Justice for Trayvon mob?  They want what they want, without paying for it, and won’t even say “thank you” when they take it.  Their desires are sufficient enough excuse to engage in any behavior.  Facts, property rights, and laws do not matter to them.  Their behavior is simply childish.

It is Russell Moore who does not “get the point” that we already get the point.  Begging hands and bleeding hearts always cry out for more.  There is no limit to Cookie Monster’s appetite.  And at some point, children must be told “enough”.

The fact is Trayvon received his justice - both on earth and before his Maker.  Russell Moore should know this – Baptists do believe in Heaven and Hell.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

Or, put another way, "Remove the Stain of Barak Hussein Obama from American Politics" Day!

Today we can rebuke and remove America's first anti-American president.

Today we can rebuke and replace the Reid/Pelosi congress.

Today we can set the nation on a path of recovery and renewal!

We can repeal the government takeover of healthcare - Obamacare - and get rid of it. (Also, disabuse some "conservatives" of crafting some kind of interstate "market" for health care insurance that just begs for federal regulation of interstate commerce).

Today we can start fixing the economy instead of harming it.

Every dollar taken from the economy in taxes is a net loss to the economy. We must lower taxes and slash federal spending. NOW!

Today we can fix it so we rescue Ambassadors under attack by terrorists instead of letting them die in the street.

Today we can avoid plunging off the fiscal cliff and defuse the January 1 tax bomb.

Today we can chase Chicago/Alinsky politics out of Washington.

Today is the day of the American Renewal.  Let's make it happen today!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years After - The Atrocity of September 11

As everyone must know, today is the anniversary of the Muslim jihadist attacks on New York and Washington DC, and the fight back by ordinary Americans ending in Shanksville, PA.

It was Todd Beamer who said "Let's Roll", a mantra taken up by Americans after the attacks.

Unfortunately, in the ten years since our united effort to beat back Islamic terrorists has turned into "Let's Roll Over."

The current Department of Homeland Security has abdicated is job to protect our borders and eject illegal aliens. Furthermore, DHS believes that Christian Americans are the greatest terrorist threat in the United States -- an opinion unfounded in fact or experience.

The current President is attending a 9/11 healing and forgiveness observance where Christians are not welcome.

Travelling by air in the United States as a Christian American means being treated like a terrorist suspect, and being forced to choose between a virtual strip search or an actual molesting.

Everyone says about September 11 - "Never Forget."  What is it about September 11th should we remember?

All the hijackers were Muslim men between the ages of 18 and 40.

All the hijackers were in the United States on lawfully obtained visas.

The FBI and the CIA could not communicate with each other about each bureau's suspensions regarding these Muslims by a policy set up by Clinton Administration hack named Jamie Gorelick, who inexplicably took a position on the 9-11 Commission. Her 1995 memo, entitled "Instructions on Separation of Certain Foreign Counterintelligence and Criminal Investigations" stated explicitly that they would "go beyond what is legally required, [to] prevent any risk of creating an unwarranted appearance that FISA is being used to avoid procedural safeguards which would apply in a criminal investigation. (Gorelick was also appointed vice Chairman of Fannie Mae during the Enron-like accounting era, helping to bring the United States' credit lending system to a near-halt).

All the hijackers could readily point to verse after verse in the Koran supporting the attack on the United States.

The enemies are jihadists and politicians who refuse to see the danger Islam poses to the West.

These are the things I remember on this September 11th. We would all do well to remember this.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Thoughts on the Proposed Debt Limit Deal

We now have a proposed “bipartisan” debt deal hammered out by the people who have put us in the position of having unsustainable spending levels and unsustainable debt in the first place, and foisted upon the American people and Congressional rank-and-file sight unseen:
Spending levels are economically unsustainable now, and will be unsustainable after this debt deal.

The debt level is economically unsustainable now, and will be worse after this deal.

While raising the debt limit will allow the treasury to borrow money to continue the present unsustainable level of spending, it will not preserve the US’ AAA bond rating.

The US will not default on its debt obligations whether or not the debt deal passes.

The debt deal permits immediate access to the first tranche of borrowing, and will permit the entire amount to be borrowed in less than a year, yet the spending “cuts” are spread out over ten years. This gives Barak Obama a blank check for two years, and handcuffs the replacement President for the next eight.

The spending “cuts” are reductions in the baseline growth over government spending over the ten years, not actual cuts to the existing budget.  This deal actually cuts nothing, it only slows the growth of spending, and not even at a rate below inflation.

The deal exempts cuts to the greatest sources of budget busting in the future: Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare.

The debt deal will permit the balance of the fiscal year to be spent as set forth in the continuing budget resolution (remember, the Democrats have not passed a actual federal budget in more than 800 days).

If a budget deal is not passed, the US will not be able to borrow additional sums of money. It would be, therefore, a “poor man’s” balanced budget amendment, or better yet, a spending cannot exceed revenues cap. It is a back-door way to forced fiscal responsibility in spending.

If the US is not in the market for loanable funds, the demand for investment funds is therefore decreased, which has the effect of lowering interest rates on such investments.

Given all this, what is the benefit of this debt deal?

If a budget deal is not passed, the US’ bond rating will certainly be downgraded.

If the US’ bond rating is downgraded, interest rates might rise from 0.1 to 0.5 points, and they are already at near historical lows, however, this will be offset by the decrease in interest rates on investment funds. Given the Fed’s qualitative easing over the last several months, an small interest rate increase is likely in any event.

If a budget deal is not passed, the Obama administration would pick and choose which programs get paid and which programs will become prorated or impounded, that is, which are short-paid and which are not paid at all. In any event, there is adequate revenues coming into the Treasury to service all US debt and continue Defense, FAA, Social Security, and Medicare payments if Obama so chose. Senator Pat Toomey has proposed legislation directing the priority of payments, and Congress can certainly direct the Administration by law if it so chose.

If a budget deal is not passed, non-essential government workers would likely be furloughed. Thus, we will get to see how many people are on the government payroll that are not doing anything essential for taxpayers. One wonders why we have non-essential government workers in the first place. In years past, when this happens, the government workers get paid for the furloughed days anyway, which just provides these government workers yet another paid holiday at taxpayer expense.

Politically, Obama will blame Republicans and the Tea Party for a government shutdown. But, as all elements of government are held in extremely low regard by the people, what difference would it make? Since none of the GOP’s leading candidates for president in 2012 are involved in this budget and debt limit mess, but Obama is, a shutdown will hurt Obama’s reelection chances as much as anyone’s.

Lastly, it bears mentioning that every budgetary and economic government action has unforeseen economic consequences. These can be good or bad, and they are certainly hard to predict. So, the budget deal at least alleviates uncertainty, even as it simply postpones a real date of reckoning.

So, is it worth it to the taxpayers and for the rank-and-file of each party in Congress to accept this budget deal to possibly avoid a bond rating downgrade, in fact avoid forced government belt-tightening, and the political ramifications of a partial government shutdown?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tienanmen Square 22 Years Later

June 4th and 5th is the twenty second anniversary of the true face of Red China.

In the weeks before June 4, 1989, nearly one million workers and students occupied Beijing's Tienanmen Square to demonstrate for liberty and democracy and against the corrupt, oppressive communist system in Red China.

As the Chinese Army units located in Beijing refused to put down the protesters, the communist government in China brutally slaughtered thousands of these citizens by rolling in tank units from different regions and assaulting the defenseless people in the square.

Nothing, of course, has changed in China in the subsequent twenty two years. Over the last week, the oppressive ChiCom internal security forces have been rounding up anyone suspected of desiring to organize or participate in a remembrance of the slaughter of innocents. See

Despite Red China's attempt to demonstrate to the world that they are a respectable first world nation and budding superpower, events like Tienanmen Square, suppression of its people's Internet usage, hostilities towards the United States military, threats against Taiwan, and spy operations against the United States show the true nature of this brutal, Fascist regime.

As Ronald Reagan said, communism will be tossed into the ash bin of history. With China, it will just take longer than many of its imprisoned citizens shall survive.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden Has Assumed Room Temperature

The one time in my life I was pleased to hear something - anything - out of B. Hussein Obama's mouth was last night. Osama bin Laden has been killed by the United States military. In Pakistan, which we knew was harboring al Qaeda's founder all along.

We are sure of two things: bin Laden's death was assured on 9/11, and Barak Hussein Obama had nothing to do with causing it.

We can all be very, very thankful that we killed the bastard so he can rot in hell. And that he was not captured so the idiot AG Eric Holder could put him on trial.

As a super added bonus, May Day will no longer be referred to as that Communist celebration in the United States, but as The Day We Heard Osama bin Laden Was Dead Day. It has a better ring to it.

A toast to our fighting men putting bad guys down in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. May many, many more follow bin Laden to Hell.

P.S. Rob Bell: there is a Hell, and Osama bin Laden is in it.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reform the TSA Now!

In the balance between security and liberty, the Obama regime has gone too far. The obtrusive, offensive, and unconstitutional searches of airline travellers must end.

Under what legal theory do we believe that airports are Constitution-free zones? Under what legal theory can it be implied that a commercial transaction between private parties (purchasing an airline ticket) comprises a waiver of Constitutional rights?

Under what legal theory does the Obama regime assume that American citizens that do not qualify for even a Terry stop can be subjected to sexual assault or a strip search merely because they want to travel?

Why does the "brilliant" Obama need to be told that treating each and every airline passenger as as a potential terrorist is anti-intellectual? Is EVERY traveller a potential terrorist? And, we are willing to trust the controls of a plane to a pilot, but we want to search him for explosive underwear first? We do have a description of suspect airline bombers/hijackers. Let's put those people to enhanced searches. It is usually those people who are waved through security, sacrificing real airline safety and civil rights of travellers on the altar of political correctness.

I understand why Obama would innately be drawn to Soviet-style police state searches of American citizens, but even the KGB targeted its efforts. Even authoritarian overseas regimes in terrorist-rich regions do not subject travellers to physical assaults and strip searches to travel. I know, I've travelled there.

Congress needs to step in now and end the offensive touchings and virtual strip searches immediately. A valid, effective security process would involve merely this - metal detectors for persons, x-ray the belongings, and send everything past an explosives sniffer (either mechanical or animal). Instead of spending money on a radiation-spewing back scatter device, we should have spent the funds on a combination x-ray machine/explosive compound detector. Enhanced

I knew when Bush wanted the Department of Homeland Security created, we could not trust it to the Democrats because they would use it against the citizens. Liberals can never, ever be trusted with power.